Little Village

Once upon a time that was yet to be, there was a little village in the hills. Every day, the water lapped at the foot of the hot, dry hills, but in the shade, the little village was still cooler. The heat wouldn’t kill you as fast, in the little village. In the little village, there were ten little houses, with ten people in each one, in the one room each house had. There were no walls in the little houses, because the only thing to be scared of was the heat. In the middle of the houses, there was a little pit. And in the little pit, there were stairs. And down the stairs, away from the heat, was the well. The well was the only source of water in the hills, and so it was away from the heat, so that the water was safe. 

Sometimes, the little village would try to see if there was another group of hills, somewhere else. Every time a person was born, the whole village would walk out, under little shades, up the hills and put down a little raft, with a little shade on it. One of the old ones in the little village would sit down on the little raft, under the little shade, and the rest of the little village would push them off down the hills, so that they would land in the water. Then the little raft would float away from the hills, and the old one was never seen again. 

Once the new child was one year old, the little village would climb up the biggest hill Bin-eviss, and would leave the child without a shade for a little time so it could feel the heat of the world, and see the waters. And the child would live, and learn to fear the heat, and the waters at the foot of the hills. 

One day, in a time after the time which was not yet spent, the little village at the top of Bin-eviss saw a raft, and eagerly ran out to meet it, with their little shades. And the raft had not the old ones they had put onto them, but new, young people, who had not been seen before. And the little village was excited, because there were other groups of hills, otherwise where were these new people from? And the new people shouted, and screamed, and forced the little village back into their little houses. And the new people took the food, and the water from the well, and blocked up the well with the little shades. And the little village was scared, because without the little shades, they could not get to the water, or to the hills. And the little village watched as the new people shot them, one by one, and when the little village was dead, the new people went back to the raft, and sailed away from the group of hills, and Bin-eviss. 

And the little village sat, in the heat, with the little shades blocking the little well, and the bones of the little village bleaching in the sun. And the heat, over time, broke up the little bones. And the water walked up the hills, and poured over, and ate away the little bones. And all that was left was Bin-eviss, and the little village, under the bad waters, in silence. 

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