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What we want from COP26

COP21 in Paris changed the world. Some 196 countries committed to extremely ambitious, long-term targets to save the climate and prevent extreme global warming. We can only hope that COP26 will make the same kind of difference. It is becoming increasingly apparent that countries and governments are failing to meet the targets put forward by the Paris Agreement. Drastic action will need to be taken in order to illicit the change necessary before 2030.

So, in what way can COP26 ensure this takes place?

In early 2020, climate activists in Germany were successful in suing the German government for ‘insufficient action on climate change’. This decision was an immense victory for climate activists everywhere. However, it has to be the beginning of more decisions like it. We must hold the government accountable for their failings in meeting climate targets. Our government, both Scottish and British, must realise that there may be legal ramifications if they do not progress further along their targeted path. The Paris Agreement is a legally binding international treaty. This is part of its magnificence. But then why are we so behind on the targets? Why are we failing, on a global scale, to limit greenhouse gas emissions? This is not something we can postpone or negotiate. We cannot ask for an extension on our planet. Climate change is happening now.

COP26 must impress upon our leaders that if they do not act, we will hold them accountable.

COP26 must make them realise that they are legally tied to their targets and that there will be consequences.

COP26 must amplify the voices of the youth who have been shouting so loudly for so long. Because even though we never asked for it, or chose it, it falls to us to change the world.

The consequences of climate change will affect the youth and so COP26 should show the government that there will be consequences for them too. It has to.

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