White Chocolate

Tonight, we are watching Hannah Montana: The Movie’

and I eat

crisps, custard creams, cookie dough bites    

And he eats:

white chocolate Milky Bar buttons.


Tonight, we are watchingPirates of the Caribbean’

and I eat Rolos, raisins, rice crispie treats.  

And he eats-

white chocolate Milky Bar buttons.  

I ask for one

and he shares. 


Tonight, we are watching The Godfather Part II’

and I eat    

Skittles, Snickers, sour gummy worms.

And he eats

white chocolate Milky Bar buttons.        

He offers one

which I take. 


Tonight, I have listened to The Cure

and I don’t want to eat

or talk

or watch anything  

except the videos of her 

pushing my pram and wiping drool off my chin 

as she fed me. I am crying, 

and he waits, holding a packet of       

white chocolate Milky Bar buttons. 


Tonight, I have listened to The Smiths,

the jangly, jarring riffs that I remember  

from before I could see out of the car window.

White chocolate melts slowly on my tongue

like a summer cloud                         

as I remember who was behind the camera.            

“Still I’d leap in front of a flying bullet for you.”


by Sofia Macchi Watts

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