Written by Atharva Patwardhan

Soft to the touch
I press a key
A sound graces my ear
I press all the keys and I hear all the sounds of it
The lowest and highest notes of it are unclear 
In the middle, there is much clarity

It remains one of the most popular
Many composers have exploited it
Finding the right harmonies and notes
To which make our ears listen in
The sound resonates and sticks in our heads
How do we classify it?

The contrast of colours is staggering
The structure of it is innocuous 
Calm and controlled
It subtly blends into any room without fail

To think of what we make of such an instrument
Trying to explore the realms of a feeling or emotion
A passion that remains different in everybody
All it needs is hands and imagination
To create and explore

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Atharva Patwardhan

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