Our Quarantine

Written by Katie Fortune

Wallowing in our own reality,
Nothing to free us from our shackled minds.
Eyes look blankly out the window, again.
Where the sun glares and the clouds weigh the sky.
No-where to go and no-one to see.
Days disappear in an endless routine.
Tasks become warped and everything is wrong.

You’re glued inside your boiling, churning head.
It betrays you, poisoning the picture,
Sense is hoarded to the farthest corners.
And empty thoughts clutter your tired eyes.
You wish to see, and forget what blinds you.
Instead it arrogantly blocks the view.
And your thoughts and actions don’t feel like yours.

Troubles long gone, circle like hissing wasps.
People that stung and left, crawl on your skin,
Faded thoughts return like forgotten wounds.
Can only end in your disappointment.
The ones that you care for hurt you even more.
Their distance just your fingertips away.
But we cannot see them, hold them, feel their touch.

We cannot run, and even if we try,
We will finish right back where we started.
We’re stuck in what was once a happy place.
Chained within our security and warmth.
Now we burn in our own isolation.
To leave is society’s mutiny.
You only have one choice. You have one choice.

Everyone the same. Stuck in our own heads.
The world like a graveyard, full of no-one.
The things we took for granted, we draw out
like golden luxury, ambrosia.
They feel wrong, illegal, a betrayal.
Everyone is trapped, everyone is safe.
The longer we’re safe, closer is freedom.

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Katie Fortune

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