Poetry Weekly: 16/04/20

Written by Spyglass Admin

Clear Water by Katie Fortune

I sit
Watching the tide 
Going in and out 
Then rolling forth, cascading onto the sands.
I’ve sat. 
Just watching 
As the sea pushes and pulls at my earth
I feels the rocks,
Smoothed in anger,
And retreats in a perfect trail.
Taking with it whatever
It desires.
I envy the sea.

When I thundered down the rocky shore,
I cursed the seas invading crashes
and sat in a hissing, sightless twist.
The crashes became whispers,
They held my hands, washed away,
My gritted surface, leaving
it clear, as its shallows.

How I long to live like such an entity.
To wash away what I dislike
And be surrounded in a clearing blanket.
No matter what it swallows, it still shines.
Still admired by countless eyes.
Holds more wonders than we know.
But now it holds my knowing hands and I hate that I must go.
Until I come again
And sit.

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