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Two Workouts that can be Performed from Home

Written by Atharva Patwardhan

With the COVID-19 pandemic breaking out in approximately December 2019, it has spread immensely around the world and governments and health organisations or agencies like WHO (World Health Organisation), have recommended staying at home in an effort to battle the virus. As a result, there is a decreased chance of an individual coming into contact with an infected individual. Since there is no vaccine readily available at the minute, it is crucial healthy individuals stay at home to prevent the spread and so individuals with essential jobs can continue, like doctors or supermarket workers.

With most of the population trying to make amends and work from home, the government has closed all non-essential stores like gyms, cinemas, pubs and general entertainment locations.

For those who regularly visit the gym, this is a real disappointment since the government announced they would be closing on March 20th and people may be unable to visit for a possible couple of months (or maybe longer). In addition, multiple news articles and research shows that gyms are the easiest place for contraction of the virus. With hot, sweaty people in a small space and possible fluids being exchanged from the array of exercise machinery, it is critical that these areas are closed to prevent the spread.

Dr Jenna Macciochi, an immunologist has said: “I think people should be extra vigilant in any area where there may be lots of people close together and sharing equipment such as gyms as this may increase transmission of infection.”

However, many passionate gym-goers are not giving up and are choosing to exercise from their houses during this crisis. Although, you may not have the expensive equipment that the gym has, there are still numerous workout routines can be done to strengthen certain areas of the body. Not everyone decides to go to the gym and instead, exercise from home and these 2 routines can help with areas you may want trained.

Workout routine 1 – ab workout

It is hard, in general, to burn belly fat and many people strive to burn this fat in an effort to make themselves look fit and appear to be in peak condition.

This home routine targets the stomach primarily and can improve posture and reduce back pain. This can be performed in any room and doesn’t require much space. (I recommend using an exercise mat for comfort)

20 toe touches – lie on your back and bring your legs up as high as you can with your back lying firmly on the ground. Put your hands together and try and reach for your toes.

20 leg lifts – lie on your back with your legs straight in front of you, hovering off the ground. Keep them together and lift them as high as you can in front of you.

20 hip twists – sit up with your bum resting firmly on the ground. Bend your legs until they form an upside down “v” shape. Keep one hand flat on top of the other flat hand. Move your hands from side to side, keeping the same hand position.

After completing these 3, take a 30 second rest.

These 3 routines count as 1 round. Complete 3 rounds.

This will effectively target your stomach and you will find a noticeable change over time if this is completed every day.

Workout routine 2 – muscle workout

  1. Push-ups
  2. Crunches
  3. Dips (Requires equipment. Find two platforms at the same level and able to support your weight if you can.)
  4. Pull-ups (Requires equipment)
  5. Squats
  6. Running or jogging
  7. Sit-ups

Try starting out with 10 of each routine if you are new to these to avoid muscle pain. Do 10 of each routine and add 4 every day to increase development. Doing these every day will increase body strength and will increase muscular strength in arms, abs and legs.

For running and jogging, start walking or jogging slowly if you are new. This will help increase physical stamina first. After a couple days, if you are feeling motivated and not stiff in your joints, trying to run slowly and running shorter distances. When you feel used to running slowly and it is no longer a challenge, trying to run faster over longer distances.

This will help build leg muscles and develop stamina and your cardiovascular system.

These exercises can be partly useful in burning stomach fat as mentioned in the previous example or whole-body, but these can be also be useful for targeting muscle.


With these exercises, keep in mind it can be painful or uncomfortable if you have performed too many of these if you are starting out. If you are starting out, please remember to build slowly each day to avoid muscle pain.

For example, when starting any of the routines, start with only 10. You may finish it quickly and you may not feel adequate at the start, but it will build over time. Starting small and increasing every day helps avoid pain and promotes development. If you try any of these and are feeling pain afterwards, if it is too intense, stop for a couple of days to allow your muscles to build. When it stops, continue your workout as normal and over time, you will feel less pain. If pain is minimal, continue as normal.

When muscle pain does occur, it is a good sign which shows development. Don’t be annoyed if your muscles hurt or if it prevents you from your routine, it occurs in everyone and is a positive sign in building.

With all this, go and try these workouts. If you keep and practice one of these routines every day, the earliest you can probably see results, is in 30 days.

Use an exercise mat, stay hydrated, build slowly and create a routine. Good luck!

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