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Jackie Baillie Win Scottish Labour Deputy Leadership Contest

Written by Callum Williams

Jackie Baillie has been elected as the new Scottish Labour Deputy Leader following the resignation of Lesley Laird after she lost her seat to an independent MP (formerly SNP) in the 2019 General Election.

Jackie Baillie, MSP for Dumbarton, defeated Glasgow Councillor Matt Kerr by 2,783 votes.

She will now lead Scottish Labour alongside Leader Richard Leonard through a difficult time in Scottish Labour’s history following a dreadful General Election result where they lost all but one MP. Following her victory, she thanked essential workers for their work during the COVID-19 pandemic and promised to help unify the party saying:

When this election started, nobody expected the country to be in the grip of a global pandemic… Our heartfelt thanks goes to the workers on the frontline – from doctors and nurses to social care staff, police officers and food retail workers. They are helping to care for us and keep us safe at a time of crisis and we should never forget their bravery and service.

It will be some time before politics returns to normal, but the next Scottish Parliament elections are now just over one year away… The Scottish Labour Party has a huge challenge ahead of us. Working together with Richard Leonard, our new UK leader and the entire Labour movement, I am ready for that challenge.

Jackie Baillie MSP

With the 2021 Scottish Parliament Election fast approaching, Scottish Labour face an uphill struggle and only time will tell if Baillie victory will help Scottish Labour recover.

The results of the UK Labour Leadership and Deputy Leadership contest will be announced tomorrow at 10:45am.

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