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Editorial Statement on COVID-19

Written by Spyglass Admin

Last updated: 27th of March

We are living through a time where it is not only socially responsible to remain at home, avoiding unnecessary contact with others, but is now also a legal duty. In light of this, as we have been doing since the 20th of March, the Spyglass Editorial Team is not meeting in a physical location (which would have been George Heriot’s School), but is now completely running through online communication. This is not predicted to affect anything with regards to the general running of the site, as the pupil editors had already been working together via the use of social technology.

A predicted change to the site that we feel is relevant to our readers may be the volume of content that will be put up during lockdown. The truth is that we simply do not know if our writers being stuck at home will produce more or less articles than before, but it is important to note that our primary method of gathering and encouraging authors was (up until Friday the 20th of March) word of mouth, especially with regards to our Poetry Weekly column. All we can do at the moment, as we attempt to make the transition to online management, is hope that we are still able to produce content through this politically and socially tumultous time.

From all of us here, we hope that yourselves and your loved ones are staying safe, staying indoors, and are keeping healthy and well.

The Spyglass Editorial Team

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