Poetry Weekly: 12/03/20 (belated)

Written by Spyglass Admin

No Soft Light by Josie Thomson

Every soft and tender moment,
I keep stored safely inside,
Though each second brings me torment,
Now there’s no place left to hide.

Thinking only of the night,
That joy combined with fear,
Hesitation, a secret, it wasn’t right,
But there is no light left to come near.

But I’ll think back to what could have been,
If you had let your heart open,
And we had laid in that garden unseen,
Hidden smiles, with each breath hoping.

Because then the words,
Would have soared from my mind,
As I’d have sailed as freely,
As a bird in a coloured sky.

And all my scattered visions,
Would have blended in a blur of a smile,
And life’s loveliest visions,
Would be mirrored in my eye.

But instead it’s blood that pours,
My skin tinged cool blue,
Body aching, spread onto the floor,
No soft light left to see you.

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