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Thornberry Knocked Out of Labour Leadership Contest

Written by Callum Williams

Three of four remaining Labour leadership hopefuls have reached the final round of the contest. Emily Thornberry was knocked out of the contest after gaining no affiliate nominations and only 31 constituency nominations, two short of the threshold.

The three candidates through to the next round are:

  • Keir Starmer – 368 constituency and 12 affiliate nominations
  • Rebecca Long-Bailey – 159 constituency and 7 affiliate nominations
  • Lisa Nandy – 69 constituency and 4 affiliate nominations

All five candidates for deputy leader also reached the nomination threshold and will proceed to the final round, the candidates are:

  • Angela Rayner – 357 constituency and 10 affiliate nominations
  • Dawn Butler – 82 constituency and 2 affiliate nominations
  • Richard Burgon – 74 constituency and 4 affiliate nominations
  • Ian Murray – 58 constituency and 3 affiliate nominations
  • Rosena Allin Khan – 55 constituency and 3 affiliate nominations

Now Labour’s 580,000 members will have a chance to have their say. Both the leadership and deputy leadership election will be conducted by an alternative vote system where voters will rank the candidates by preference. After the first preference votes are counted, if no candidate has 50% support, the candidate with the least support will be eliminated and then second preference votes will be redistributed, this continues until a candidate has reached the 50% threshold. The new leader and deputy leader will be announced at a special conference on the 4th of April.

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