Poetry Weekly: 13/02/2020

Written by Spyglass Admin

To A Bacon Roll by Robbie Hall

Walking down the street to see and find
a Gregg’s shop, It has come and shine.
I walk through these blue doors, I unwind
a pig in a bun!
Ketchup smothers the small crispy hind
eating it is fun.

The bacon roll lays still on my hand
the greatest food in all the land.
How the look of it is so grand
It tastes like grace.
Thinking about sausage rolls is bland
down turns my face.

As I look down at this ugly beast
all I can think of is a feast.
And as I lay down in the east
I feel so great.
Now my fat levels have increased
pig, you are my mate.

Tae a strawberry by Annabel Stevens

A wee glimmer o’ the brichtest red,
Comes frae the strawberry’s earthy bed,
Then frae the darkness A see yer head!
But oh na a storm!
The rain pounds doun, it starts tae spread,
Quick A maun stay warm.

But strawberry yer still oot there,
A feel yer pain, its a nightmare,
The thoucht o’ this makes ma heart tear.
Yer lookin’ snappy.
Sae neist time I’ll brin’ ye in, A swear!
Then ye’ll be happy.

The death o’ ye brings sae much pain,
Stay i’ heaven where ye shall reign
Leave just yer seeds the earth tae stain.
Thare they lie i’ wait.
Wi’ hope, I’ll see yer shoots again.
It is life’s fate!

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