Poetry Weekly: 09/01/20

Written by Spyglass Admin

Not Me, But Searching by Jasper Harris

There is a man who thinks the same,
They said.
They told me,
He who talks, and says.
Like you. You talk,
The same. The same as you,
His name.
He never said, I say. His name.
They say, is this.

The man you seek once walked,
For I, they say, once said.
I pause.
Like this they talk.
Like you, they say.
He never said,
And they,
Like him, who talked and said to me,
His name, they say,
His name, he never stopped.
And said.

And he,
They said, who talks like you,
Like this.
I want, I say,
To know who thinks the same.
And as they said,
To see, and look, to think,
Like them, not they, I say, as they reply,
For this, he said,
While no man thinks like me,
Who I, they say,
Not me but them.

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