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General Election 2019: Britain Goes to the Polls

Written by Callum Williams

The polls have now opened and around 46 million people have the chance to cast their vote in this historic election.

This campaign has centred around Brexit and how the public vote today will radically change British political history.

The polls close at 10 pm when the BBC, ITV and Sky will give their Ipsos Mori exit poll, the first indication of how the nation has voted today. However, the only results that matter are your votes, they will determine the future of this country.

The question on everyone’s mind is will Boris Johnson gain his working majority or will 2017 repeat itself with a hung parliament gifting Corbyn the keys to No. 10.

Spyglass Online will be back with live updates and analysis from 9:55 pm until Friday Morning, explaining what individual results and the overall picture mean for the country.

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