Why inequality in football needs to be kicked out

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Eilidh Adams and Tegan Browning have been selected fort the Scottish Schools FA U15 South East Regional Squad – the first time Heriot’s has had two players picked. They symbolise the growing interest in football among girls and women, and also the intensifying campaign for greater equality between the sexes when it comes to the beautiful game.

The average annual salary for women playing in the Women’s Super League is £26,752. Most male English Premier League players earn more than that in a week, with the average pay for men annually being £2,642,508. That means that on average men are being paid almost 100 times more than women. This needs to change because, in our opinion, this is extremely unfair.

Take the difference between the annual salaries of Manchester City Women’s and Men’s captains.

Steph Houghton (£114,429)


Vincent Kompany (£6,240,000)


Women’s football is becoming more popular as we write. The women’s Scotland team has had many successes recently, including qualifying for the 2019 World Cup, which will be held in France. Women’s football is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. The women’s game is getting a lot of attention with the record attendance being over 4,000 people in Scotland.

We feel that despite the forward movement in the game, it is still very unfair that women do not get the opportunity to become full time professional footballers and earn money from it in Scotland, and we want to see an improvement in this.

Eilidh Adams and Tegan Browning


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  • In modern sport athletes are generally paid off of TV ratings and ticket sales, because men’s football is sadly far more popular then of course they would be making more money. It isn’t a question of equality its a question of popularity. It took men’s football nearly 40 years of professionalism to get to where it is today. The only way I can see this being unequal is if women are paid less of a percentage of the earnings than men.

  • i have done some research on this article finding some key points which supports this view on inequality:
    – Kompany’s weekly wage is £120,000.
    -Houghton’s weekly wage is £1,250.
    – Fifa rates Houghton 86 overall and Kompany 83 which means she is a better overall player.
    -But still gets payed less.
    -Does show the inequality within the footballing world.

    • mens football took years to get to the salaries that they have today women footballers will eventually get more in there wages but until they get tv ratings and lots of sponsors they wont get it to quickly. you cant just expect a sport that men has had professional for years and the womens side that has only just gathered a bigger following to have the same ratings.
      also why are you using fifa ratings in an argument

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