Friday Feelings: 14.9.18

Written by Spyglass Admin

In the first of a regular Friday Feelings column, our writers review the week in words.

No sooner had the festival signs been torn down, a new invasion arrived: the freshers! It is the start of a brand new life for newcomers to university. They are everywhere: human centipedes down Lauriston Place; playing mass games of rounders on the Meadows, as if they were back in primary school. We wish them well!

Trump’s been tenaciously tapping the tweet button again. He claims the Democrats are demonising his democratic decrees, to downplay his own destined downfall. Meanwhile, his response to the hurricane that struck Puerto Rico was ‘unprecedented’. The families of 3,000 people who died in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria might disagree.

The September Bank Holiday is coming up next week, coming at quite an inconvenient time for students across Scotland: not quite far away enough from the summer holidays to be a badly needed day of rest, while also coming at a time where there are personal statements to be written, revision to be done, and coursework to be planned.

This week, a Dallas police officer shot and killed an unarmed black man. This may sound like your average, run of the mill instance of institutional racism within the US police force. But there’s a twist. This was an off duty police officer. This was in the victim’s home. This was because she confused his apartment door for hers. Assumed he was an intruder, apparently due to his ‘large silhouette’ and shot him dead, and only later realising that this wasn’t even her apartment. She has been charged with manslaughter which seems to be a sentence reserved for police officers nowadays – if they even get sentenced at all. It appears even off duty, officers are still prone to trigger happiness – and acts of blatant stupidity.






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