Does social media let us be better friends?

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Nearly seven-in-ten teens receive support from friends through social media during tough times.

Some 76% of all teens use social media.

Of those, 30% say that they interact with their friends everyday on social media.

And than eight-in-ten (83%) social media-using teens say social media makes them more connected to information about what is happening in their friends’ lives and 70% say these social platforms better connect them to their friends’ feelings.

Life before social media was completely different to what it is now. Some people believe that social media is the work of the devil whereas some people believe that it is a gift from God.

Before social media became such a massive hit, people relied on newspapers to get the news and phones to call, and just before social media, texting. Even texting was one dimensional, with limited opportunity to share videos and photos.

This is not the case with social media.

With social media, we can join in various groups with different sets of people and talk and share with them what they enjoy doing.

Social media gives us a sense of social security, as our friends can reassure us when we are unsure.

Social media empowers us to improve the feelings of our friends.

Social media reminds us to be confident.

Social media builds new friendships and enhances previous ones. It can also make us more confident in school and general life as a comment or ‘like’ can give us a sense of self-confidence.

So, it’s a pretty good thing we have it.

Euan Keatinge, Lewis Beven and Aaron Hunt

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  • i think that social media is useful and does help people become better friends, you meet friends of friends and it helps you become more sociable.

  • Social media helps us connect with other people you wouldn’t normally speak to in real life however it might distract us from face to face interaction.

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