Social Media – the two-faced monster

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Social media. The intangible object that is a constant point of debate. Well, let us tell you, from teenagers to teenagers, that social media is a vile, sickening place with negative comments splattered everywhere. And yet we continue to blindly torture our young, innocent minds because society expects us to.

How many followers do you have on Instagram? And how many of them do you actually know? You are blindly walking into a world of fake friends and fake news, blinkered by apparent popularity.

Are you aware of what people say behind your back? One minute they could be saying, “OMG you stunner xx”, on the photo of your Hawaiian holiday, next they will be saying back-stabbing comments to their private group chat with the rest of the “cool” kids.

There is a massive issue these days with increasingly high numbers of self–harm and suicide due to cyberbullying. People can sit hiding behind their screens posting comments that can break down someone’s self-confidence and destroy a precious life. Social media can break relationships and cause heartbreaking pain. The sad thing is that a single, thoughtless comment can affect hundreds of people. The classic Butterfly Effect.

There are people who take pleasure from kicking others to the ground, physically and mentally. It is how they make themselves feel good and powerful. An obvious case of jealousy.

Generally, we enjoy looking at each other’s lives, being nosy and investigating. For many it is an escape from their own lives. For a few precious hours they live someone else’s ‘perfect’ life. Yet it is all fake. They spend hours take photos, taking part in photo shoots and then they caption a chosen image ‘#justrolledoutofbed’.

Yeah, social media lets us keep in contact with people – those people who are demons you can’t block out, demons whose screams you can’t drown out, demons who will never leave your side. Crawling up from the fiery depths of hell just to drag you down. Verbally slaughtering your every waking moment, slowly consuming every little bit of light that you have in your life. Yet so many people are unaware, some are bottling it up until they finally explode and some creating all of this havoc.

So with three points of view, I hope those who are unaware become aware, those who are going through the unimaginable will find the light soon and become stronger, and that those demons understand the pain they are causing and get their lives together soon. Just be aware what you say to others on and offline.

Darcy Flockhart, Anna Granville and Evie Clancey

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  • I think the internet is actually a good thing as it is what keeps us speaking with friends and tells us whats happening in the world. it can be very useful.

  • While this article makes good points (although they have been repeated by many an online article), it too easily brushes over the benefits of social media, such as sharing creative work like art or music. people need to learn to ignore online trools.

  • I agree that some people may take advantage of social media for cyberbullying because they do not have to say anything to the persons face. They can upset the victim without having to speak to them in person.

  • The internet keeps us up to date with events happening in the world but at the same time it is a very dangerous place with much hate

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