I Wish the Internet Had Never Been Invented

Written by Spyglass Admin

Mankind’s greatest invention: uniting us globally through social media, exposing us to brilliant resources made by many different people. But when you take a closer look at the ‘phenomenon’ we call the Internet, it starts not to seem so great anymore. We start to see the dark, secret side of being online and the many loopholes that exist.

First you begin to see the dark world that thrives within social media. All happy on the outside, filled with pictures of lovely smiling people on holidays, it turns murky and unclear on the inside, where bullying and intimidation roam free. Social media is just a playground for cowards feeding off innocent victims’ fear and worries.

Social media creates a hostile environment in which hateful language and comments are the norm and many people feel unsafe, whether about their gender, sexuality or religion. Young children get influenced by the language they see online and think that it is okay to speak this way to other people. To be honest, they probably shouldn’t be on social media at this age either, but have been pressured by their friends too.

The Internet is a vast hub of ideas. And this leads to a problem: plagiarism. With so many different resources at your fingertips it can be very tempting to copy and paste for your homework assignment, especially for young, swayable children with an aversion to school work. It takes away our creativity and discourages originality and appreciation, as artists no longer get proper credit for their work.

The Internet also allows people to access explicit content and exposes innocent children to inappropriate and disturbing images or videos. The government supposedly ‘regulates’ bad content, but I don’t see much evidence of this, as certain things remain available across the web. This can be very upsetting for young people and destroys the case for the Internet being good.

I think that if we take the Internet to a deeper level, it becomes pretty obvious that although it has its benefits, they are completely outweighed by the serious negative effects highlighted above. I hope that parents reading this will restrict children’s access to the Internet, and hopefully cut back themselves.

This is why we wish the Internet had never been invented.

Angus Ivory, Tomas MacDonald and Joe Dobson

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  • Perhaps banning the internet (you’re actually talking about the web here, but I’ll brush past that) altogether is a more than slightly drastic idea. You have to remember that the internet (despite its popularity) is still very young, and therefore is inevitably a bit of a war zone, but it is a lot safer than it was about 10-20 years ago. Improvements are being made all the time in order to make the internet a safer place to be.

  • I think it is a good thing the internet was invented because it also helps spread word about other problems in the world and spread love.

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