Spyglass recommends: five must-visit destinations in 2018

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Where should you visit in 2018? Our writers list their five must-see destinations.

Doing the familiar differently: BERLIN


Berlin is an amazing city to visit. It is international, full of art and history. Berlin’s basically just a very different and cool place to be. But are you tired of only visiting the main tourist attractions? Isn’t travelling all about learning how people live in other places, learning about their lifestyle? Here’s a list of places you should go to if you actually want to get the real Berlin feeling.

Burgers Berlin: Don’t waste your time going to McDonald’s or Burger King. You could do that literally everywhere else. Burgers Berlin is a very chilled, small shop a bit outside the city centre. It is especially nice in the summer when you can sit outside on wooden benches. Plus the burgers are absolutely delicious.

La Bigoudene: Okay, this might not be a German restaurant, but who cares when the crepes and galettes they serve are so extremely good? This is the perfect place to go for a Sunday morning breakfast. Once you’ve finished eating you could go to the flea market just around the corner at Arkona Platz or look at the Zionskirche, a beautiful Protestant church with a very interesting historical background.

East Side Gallery: A 1,316-metre long section of the Berlin Wall painted on by artists from all over the world and an international memorial for freedom. I know this might be a bit touristy (and that’s beside the point of this article), but your Berlin trip wouldn’t be complete without this, believe me!

Cecilie Priller

City sightseeing: SAN FRANCISCO, USA


The picturesque scenery and the rolling hills were so beautiful to look at. The boat to Alcatraz was one of my highlights. Seeing the prison, along with the audio guide, was amazing, and we also saw a man who had been an inmate in Alcatraz and had written a book about it. The best food we had was at a small burger place right in the middle of the city – Roam Artisan Burgers. The burgers were delicious, cooked to perfection, and the fries were delicious. You could pick normal skinny fries, sweet potato fries or zucchini and onion fries (yes, they sound gross, but they were amazing – they taste like normal fries, but have an amazing crunch before melting in your mouth), or a mix of all three, called ‘the trifecta’. The longest street and steepest road in San Francisco is Lombard Street, and it was worth the trek to find it! The locals have been planting flowers all around it for years and the view of this street with neverending flowers was breathtaking!

Adele Wilson

The tropical paradise: ELEUTHERA, BAHAMAS


Eleuthera is an island 200 miles south of Miami and an idyllic paradise, full of hidden gems such as the Secret Blue Hole and Cocodimama Beach. Growing up in Nassau, Bahamas, meant I was surrounded by beautiful beaches and turquoise waters already, but somehow Eleuthera has something, I am convinced, no other place in the world has. Four years ago, my family returned to Eleuthera, but this time with a task: to find the elusive Secret Blue Hole that was splashed across every Eleuthera forum on the internet at the time.

On our second day we set off, asking the locals and using our gut instinct (as well as some help from the internet, of course) and nearing our second hour into the expedition, we found it – a marine sinkhole that was unimaginably deep and inexplicably terrifying. But after the blood, sweat and tears we’d put in to finding the Secret Blue Hole, I just had to swim in it.

Laila Hussey

The best of Scotland: ARISAIG, SCOTLAND

West Coast

Placed on the west coast of Scotland, Arisaig is a serene and quiet place to visit when in need of a detox. The white sand is juxtaposed by the clear blue waters, and it should be the top of everyone’s travel bucket list.

Pippa Carcas

Classic French beauty: AUBETERRE-SUR-DRONE, FRANCE


When seeking a summer holiday, we tend to go to places where there aren’t so many British tourists and being one of France’s top-10 prettiest villages, it is a surprise there aren’t more. At first glance, Aubeterre could seem like a quiet, boring place to holiday but on closer inspection the place is teeming with things to do.

My personal favourite is the weekly Sunday market. It is in the town square and is the busiest day of the week in this small French village. For us though it is a chance to get our hair braided and pick up the finest selection of food to stock us up until we visit the Chalais market in the next door town a few days later. Us kids have a look around while our parents have a drink outside the small hotel in the square. They chat and enjoy the midday sun but we are happy eating ice cream on top of a wall.

Being a landlocked village it would be surprising if I said we went to the beach but we do! It is not a normal beach but is just as fun if not more. When in Aubeterre we visit the river beach at least three times in the week. It is so much fun as you get all the perks of the beach without the mouthful of salty water. With an ice cream stand, volleyball court and plenty of floaties on sale the beach is my Dad’s favourite place to visit.

Of course being in France there is a crepe shop and this one is called Sugar and Salt or Sucre et Sel. It is as it says – an amazing mix of savoury and sweet crepes. The other restaurant worth a visit is La Garage. The view from the balcony overlooks Aubeterre and offers a view of how amazing this little village really is!

Aine Hannon

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