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Cuphead is a side-scrolling, 1930s-inspired game. The main story arc of the game is that you (Cuphead) stumbled upon the devil’s casino and made a bet with the devil, and are now fighting for your life by collecting contracts from the devil’s other debtors so that you can keep your head.

The game is heavily inspired by 1930s cartoons such as Steamboat WillieBetty Boop and Japanese propaganda, which is where the makers got the idea for the main character Cuphead. All the animations, characters and backgrounds in the game are hand drawn and painted to make the game really feel like it is from the 1930s.

The game is basically the dark souls of side-scrollers and even resembles the game Contra, with an extreme difficulty that will attract you to play the game in the first place, but will inevitably frustrate. This is one of the best games to make you say ‘one more time’ when you fail, which really contributes to the overall enjoyment of the game.

The feeling you get when you finally defeat a boss that you’ve been stuck on for the last five hours is amazing, as you feel like you can take on the world – a sensation immediately diminished by the next boss. With Cuphead’s stunning visuals and addictive gameplay, this is a definite front runner for game of the year.

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  • I think that you are very wrong and that the most fun game is fortnite. Fortnite is a very fun game where you run around and try and shoot other players. although this doesn’t sound family friendly, there is no blood so it is suitable for all ages. Fortnite has cool skins, unlike cuphead which just has cuphead and his friend mugman. although cuphead has really good music, fortnite songs and the season one theme music are better! fortnite has loads of really cool dance moves such as dance moves, orange justice, and disco fever! cuphead has no dance moves at all so it isn’t as good as fortnite. you get lots of pride for winning a game of fortnite as well as cuphead. the end

  • yes I love this game the idea of mainly boss only battles is really cool and the visuals take you back to watching old mickey mouse or tom and jerry cartoons

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