The World Isn’t Getting Any Better. Or Worse.

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The place in which we live is very different to some others. We are the lucky ones at the top of the tree, living happily and with freedom. In contrast, half a planet away, almost all of India is only just feeding its families, with its people working many hard hours. The world we are in has a huge contrast of wealth.

There are many charities around the world trying to create a better life for everyone, and trying to help the poorest keep going through tough times and to find the families stricken by natural disasters a home. With all this hard work of all these charities and the astronomical amount of money donated to them, surely the world must be a better place? Nope.

From the IRA to IS, Soviet Communism to North Korea, and Apartheid to Saudi Arabia, is the world actually getting any better?

On the terrorist side of things, at the heart of it there are people, possibly psychopathic, who genuinely want to kill people for whatever reason. They are not the people who are in the attacks. Instead, they get other people to kill, while they themselves spend their whole time masterminding attacks and brainwashing desperate people. If their aim is to kill as many innocent people as possible, they need to get as many killers as possible. To do this, they make their ‘group’ seem as inviting as possible to the people they want to target. For example, the so-called ‘Islamic State’ aren’t at all representing Islam. Likewise, the ‘Irish Republican Army’ isn’t what it sounds like. These ‘groups’ are just an excuse for the horrible people to lure as many people as they can in. Terrorist attacks are impossible to stop right at the end of the chain – there simply aren’t police everywhere. Even stopping the killer get his weapon is impossible: a legal knife, a vehicle and even bare fists can be lethal.

Can terrorism be stopped? To do it you would need to stop people before they get across the border to Syria or Iraq. Terrorism can’t be policed, weapons can’t be intercepted and there will always be psychopaths in society, so stopping the brainwashed pre-killers cross the border is our only hope. The use of the World Wide Web has one huge downfall: it’s the ideal place for criminals and terrorists to work.

One famous quote is “history never repeats itself”. That is true, but people do keep making the same mistakes. It’s in our blood. The fact is, everyone wants to be as rich and powerful as possible. After World War 1 everyone was thinking the same thing: never again. Up came Adolf Hitler, and he told Germany ‘I will make this country great again!’ It sounded good, so they believed him. In what seemed like a short period of time, World War 2 had started. Hitler was happy to slaughter not only his own soldiers going to war, but the whole of the German Jewish population just for power. Similarly, after World War 2, Joseph Stalin led millions of people into starvation for the sake of the Communist Party and power for himself. Much more recently, Kim Jong Un has hidden the whole population of North Korea from the outside world and treated them to so much propaganda that they think he is a god. This is all to protect his position as president/dictator of North Korea. Propaganda was also used extensively in the other two examples to portray the enemies as villains, rather than just fellow human beings. Three different eras, three different countries, one similar scenario.

Like Hitler, South Africa’s Apartheid regime was also based on racism. This time the corrupt government didn’t kill the victims, but made them poor instead. Some of the rules they put forward were ridiculous and the pay gap was unbelievable (on average, white people got paid 14 times more than black people). The way forward for the Apartheid government was to keep up the racism as they controlled the black population by methods of violence and cruelty.

In the past have we really learned the lessons of racism and mass slaughter? When the North Atlantic slave trade ended a whole 200 years ago, there were many lessons to be learnt. The slave trade left 15 million black people dead. Yet, however, this racism continued, just in different forms.

As I said before, a famous quote is “history never repeats itself”. Think about it like lightning. Many people say, “lightning never strikes the same place twice”. The Empire State Building got hit over 100 times last year. Lightning does hit the same place twice, but it is never exactly the same strike. History works in an identical fashion. Humans have badness inside them. Humans have goodness inside them. The world will continue to slide from one form of badness to the other. Also, the world will continue to slide from one form of goodness to the other. There’s no stopping it. The real question we should be asking is: what’s next?

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