The old adage is true: respect your elders

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Does anyone remember that old woman with 11 or so children? The one who won the lottery? I know that news story was from a couple years ago, but I thought that bringing it up again might be a good idea.

Think about that woman.

Her children paid no attention to her for something around 25 years, then suddenly began visiting and supporting her, just because she won all that money. This leads me to believe that, even now, some people don’t really respect their elders as much as they should. As soon as they get too old or too hard to deal with, relatives leave them in the dust.

What worries me is that parents don’t teach their children enough about how important family relationships are until it’s too late. If someone can’t really do anything for themselves and you don’t have serious family, loving connections with them, you don’t really want to spend time with them.

But once someone’s gone, you are filled with regret and guilt and you wish you could have said goodbye or spent quality time with them. This is what I want you to consider. When you’re close to death, do you want to have a loving family there to support you? Or do you want to let your children and grandchildren learn to reject you?

It’s a simple question, but with a large volume of answers…

Melissa Black

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