Finding Christ in Christmas

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If you’re not Christian, why do you celebrate Christmas?

Christmas was originally supposed to be the celebration of Jesus’s birth, but the real meaning is increasingly ignored. Christmas has become a commercial event and these days is more about Santa than the birth of Jesus. For some people, Christmas is a time of worrying: maybe they don’t have the money to buy presents for their family and friends. For others, it is a time of happiness, going to Winter Wonderland, buying and receiving presents, and eating lots of food.

Personally, I am not Christian, so for me, Christmas is a time of happiness, family and Santa.

So what is the meaning of Christmas? Is it the gifts, the cards, the food with family and friends, and greetings of ‘Merry Christmas’? Or something else? What is the real Christmas?

Jessica Thain

Why non-Christians celebrate Easter and Christmas

The majority of us know the Easter and Christmas stories and how these relate to the Bible, but why do non-Christians celebrate these events?

There are fewer religious people than there once was, but even when people stopped believing in God, they still celebrated Easter and Christmas because it had become such an enjoyable routine. They made up a story for these celebrations because they didn’t have to relate these enjoyable times to God. Santa was born. An old man delivering presents to every good child in the world in one night with the help of his reindeers and elves! Believable? From a personal perspective it was, I did question from time to time, but overall, I believed. Gullible or what?

Believe it or not this is why non-Christians celebrate Christmas.

Nathan Barlow


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