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Grime is a style of music that originated in the early 2000s and was influenced by UK garage and jungle. Grime is a very fast style of music, like hip-hop. Like most other styles of music, it has several subcultures surrounding it. Grime has grown a lot both nationally and internationally since it originated in London. Several people have been able to climb the ladder to fame due to their skill in this relatively new and unknown style of music such as Big Shaq and Stormzy.

However, since Britain’s youths have found out about this style, they have taken full advantage of its quickly growing community and popularity to become famous overnight worldwide. As with most things, there is a big grime presence online. On YouTube alone there many channels devoted to this and a surprisingly high amount of these are made either of entirely children or are mostly children. A good example of this is a channel called BGMedia (Blackpool Grime Media) which has several child celebrities featured on it frequently, like Little T. The problem with these children being so famous is the amount of hate they can get. Several people hiding behind their computer screens can bully them far too easily. All of the fame often goes to these children’s heads making them feel far more important than they really are, and possibly bringing them slightly further away from reality than they should be.

I am not saying that grime is a bad thing. It has opened doors for many skilled musicians around the world and has made many happier because they are listening to music, which in my opinion is always a good thing. However, I think maybe we need to be more careful exposing all of these young people online who only wanted to share their music with the rest of the world. Everyone should be allowed to express creativity and young people especially should be allowed to do so without so much unhelpful criticism from everyone else. If you happen to be listening to grime in the future and are about to maybe leave a negative comment, consider the implications this could have.

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  • actually. I think little T is a successful young man who is trying to make a name for himself. I think he is doing very well and should not be treated differently than artists such as Stormzy.

  • I disagree strongly with this article. I believe that Grime is just a genre and attracts a different audience to classical. I do not believe it has a huge impact on how the public respond to it’s actions

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