In praise of ginger

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‘Hey, this shoe has no sole, just like you?’

‘Are you related to Satan?’

Now some people may be laughing at these ‘jokes’, but these are things we gingers face every day. In today’s society, racism, sexism and many other –isms are talked about widely, but something we rarely talk about is gingerism.

So, as you have guessed from the word, this -ism is the term used to describe discrimination or any other form of derogatory language used towards gingers. It’s not just the hair colouring that can be a target for jokes. Many times we have been asked, ‘can I do dot to dot with your freckles?’

Or we are compared to Casper the Ghost – although we are never compared to Casper the FRIENDLY Ghost, as somehow the colour of our hair affects more than just our appearance. People often have make connotations of gingers being angry. No wonder we get so annoyed when someone asks if I use Irn Bru as shampoo, or when people call us ‘carrot top’ or ‘ginger nut’.

Red hair also doesn’t affect our ability to succeed. Many red heads have made it bigtime, for example Winston Churchill, Madelaine Petsch (who plays Cheryl in Riverdale) and Ed Sheeran. This point is backed up by the fact that numerous celebrities have followed us and dyed their hair various shades of red.

So, maybe next year when National Kick a Ginger Day rolls around, you’ll think twice before booting us.

Rebecca Paul and Ciara Stout

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