Should we re-name feminism?

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It has become clear that currently feminism has become associated with man-hating and bra burning. It is seen as something extreme or violent. So could a change of name help anything?

Feminism is the belief that all genders should be equal. It means that you would not have preferential treatment in the workplace or education system based on a person’s gender. However, it does not cover all forms of equality. Although feminism tries to be inclusive of all races and genders, it does not include (by definition) sexuality and financial equality. This is covered by egalitarianism, a term which means fighting for all equality.

Feminism has had its name tarnished by the extreme misandrists – man-haters. They appear to be the ones with the loudest voice and have given feminism a bad reputation.

So would a name change really help anything? To change the name would not change the definition or the members of the group. Yes, you would have a new word for the cause but at the end of the day you would still have the same people with the loudest voice tarnishing the new name. It wouldn’t really make a difference.

Perhaps instead of changing the name, you should change the interpretation. By changing the interpretation of the word feminism and teach people the real meaning of it you could disassociate the cause from man-hating and re-associate it with gender equality in society.

The real question is, how can you do so without the loudest voices drowning out the change again?

Anna McGhie


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  • I think that people should be taught from a young age that feminists do not = man haters. Many people think that they are because that’s what they have been taught by society.

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