iPhone X: Apple Special Event Review

Written by Callum Williams

Apple had their yearly September event which unveiled a bunch of new products and a sneak peek into the future of the smartphone.

Apple Watch

Apple delivered a series of minor refinements to the Apple Watch including faster processing power and better health app functionality. However, the headline was that the Apple Watch would become cellular enabled, allowing it to work independently of an iPhone. Although users would have to pay a significant amount for the privilege.

Apple TV

Apple briefly mentioned Apple TV but only to inform us that a few more sports features would be added but nothing major.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

The new iPhone 8 was nothing less than a disappointment; it is simply just a remake of the iPhone 7 with an inflated price tag. The only redeeming quality was the introduction of wireless charging – a potential game changer, but it is still too early to say what impact, if any, it will have.

iPhone X

Apple managed to redeem itself because, just before Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) ended the event, he uttered the words ‘just one more thing’ and he unveiled the iPhone X (pronounced as iPhone 10). The iPhone X comes with a hefty price tag of £999 (£1,149 for 256GB) but included a full 5.9 edge to edge OLED display, a state-of-the-art facial recognition system, an improved camera, an even faster processor and the removal of the home button. Whether this high-end phone will take off or the price tag will weigh it down is yet to be seen. However, it is an interesting glimpse into the feature of technology and the smartphone.

Since Steve Jobs died Apple has been criticised for a lack of innovation but it has made a comeback with a second revolutionary device,and re-asserted its dominance over the smartphone industry.

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  • I would definitely love an iPhone X but I am not at all sold on there not being a headphone jack. Also, if I was going to spend £1000 on a phone, I would not want to have to spend an additional £250 just to get the official apple earphones. 🙁

    • Right, to start the headphone jack has been removed on pretty much every high end smart phone available, to name a few, Google pixel 2, HTC U ultra and the moto Z. The iPhone X is targeted at pro users, therefor you are most likely expected to already have wireless headphones, plus with the iPhone X and every other apple phone without the 3.5 mm headphone jack includes ear buds that have an a lightning cable at the end instead of aux. It also comes with an adapter that can be used with any headphones so its not that much of a problem. Similarly, Apple’s air pods cost £159 not £250. There are also many other Bluetooth headphones and ear pods for much cheaper – you don’t just need apple ones. If you aren’t technologically advanced enough for even Bluetooth headphones then maybe the X isn’t a phone you should be looking at, as again its aimed at the pro user.

  • I like the glass finish and wireless charging and all but it has a lack of colours to choose from. I mean who is going to pay £1000 for that. The camera looks amazing, great quality pictures and portrait mode but the camera is the wrong way round, it just looks weird. facial recognition and no home button was a bad idea, I know they say you cant but I’m pretty sure you could just hack into their phone by holding up a good quality picture of them, and how are you meant to get into it when your in the dark. Apple seems to be complaining over lack of pre-orders and purchases but I wouldn’t pay for that and I don’t know anyone else who would. Overall, just buy the 7 or 7plus if your desperate to get a new phone, good quality and good price. apple, every little helps!!

  • I believe that the iPhone X is an introduction to technology in the future. But, if future smartphones cost over £999 then I’m not sure that everyone would buy the new ones. Especially if they keep getting more expensive.

  • I feel like the iphone X is just a waste of money and they just make new phones too similar to the previous ones. What’s the point of buying a new one if it’s the same?

    • It is not the same. This is a special edition phone, the standard iPhone is the 8. This is a new line, much like how the Pro is the special edition of Macbook.

  • When new iPhones are released there is smaller change between the phone than earlier IPhones but a big difference in price

    • Noooo, this has a much faster processor, a better camera and many more specs, which are a great improvement. Just because the hardware looks similar doesn’t mean the internals are the same. This phone is completely different compared to the 7.

      • I believe that iphone is losing popularity because they are only updating the camera and the processor, and also the size.

  • I believe the iPhone x is very overpriced. costing £999 seems silly for technology that has been around for years in other phones for much less as well.

  • I feel like the iphone X is just a waste of money. I feel like apple just make their new phones too similar to previous ones.

  • I think Apple excels at marketing above all else. Their phones are behind in processing power and design, but they still have a strong grasp on the industry (due in part to the hype surrounding them, but more predominately, their excellent marketing skills).

  • I think that the iPhone X is a cool addition to the Apple franchise but I believe that for £1,000, you could just get a laptop for the same price.

  • They should probably change more per iPhone and actually change things people want rather than doing things like removing the home button and the jack 🙂

  • I feel as if £999 is just way to expensive for a phone that is so similar to the older ones. It does sound interesting though and I wouldn’t mind trying out one myself.

  • I feel that the IPhone X is a great phone to celebrate Phone’s 10th anniversary. I do agree that it is rather pricey although, it is special edition and there is a limited number of phones. Though some of the new features of the phone are very cool such as animojis and facial recognition.

  • I would love for there to be more exciting colours for the phone especially as all the other apple tech was so disappointing and the Iphone X in £1000. The headphone jack is a massive problem because you can’t share music as easily in public unless you have airpods.

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