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General Election 2017: What Happens Next?

Written by Callum Williams

A political shockwave, a hung parliament and volatile markets. What happens now?

Theresa May called this election to increase her majority however, that plan has backfired spectacularly as she has now lost her majority.

So, now May must find another party to join her in a coalition. After the Lib Dems diasterous decision to enter a coalition with the Tories, the only option is the far-right DUP. Theresa May has now confirmed that she is seeking a minority government with a ‘confidence and supply’ agreement with the DUP.

This will be disastrous and will ultimately lead to another General Election because if just three MPs from the DUP get annoyed with May, then they would back a no-confidence vote, removing May from office and triggering a general election. Considering that the DUP and the Tories disagree on a lot of issues, especially Brexit, this relationship is not sustainable.

The conflicting views of the DUP and the Conservatives on Brexit will also be very problematic. These differences will cause so many internal disagreements, it will weaken our nogatiating position and if the Tories do something the DUP don’t like, out go the Tories, and another General Election would disrupt the Brexit process even more, leaving us with a detrimentally bad deal.

This deal is also a huge barrier to our democracy, as now the people calling the shots are the DUP who were voted for by only 0.09% of all who voted. How is that democratic?

However, the country isn’t the only one to lose out because whatever May does she will severely damage the Conservative Party. If she does what the DUP wants, England, Scotland and Wales will be outraged because she would have broken her promises but, if she doesn’t, the DUP will throw the Tories out of Government.

Don’t feel sorry for her. She deserves this because she called this election because she was arrogant and put party over country. Now the only real losers are the people of Britain.

Over the next few weeks, MPs will get a vote on the Tories’ Queen’s Speech, outlining their plan for the next Parliament. If May delivers the Queen’s Speech she was elected to give, the DUP will almost certainly vote against it. That would lead to the Queen’s Speech being rejected by Parliament leading to the Tories removal from office and May’s resignation. Then Corbyn would be given a chance to try and form a coalition – which he can’t – so we would have to have another election. If she delievers the Queen’s Speech agreed with the DUP, it will leave her incredibly unpopular but at least still in office for a while. Although this is assuming that all the Tory MPs vote for the Queen’s speech, and this is unlikely as a lot of Tory MPs are really annoyed with May.

However, the news gets worst: the DUP are far-right and have some horrendous policies. Their policies are homophobic, radical and sexist. These include: anti-abotion laws, banning gay marriage, bringing back the death penalty and denying climate change. The DUP now have the upper-hand in parliament which threatens our liberal and equalitarian democracy.

It gets even worse: the DUP have long links to extremism and terrorists. The DUP have historic links with paramilitary groups who have extreme far-right views. One of these was a terrorist group, founded by people who became high-profile DUP politicians, called the ‘Ulster Resistance’. The ex-leader of the DUP, Peter Robinson, used to play an active part in the ‘Ulster Resistance’, responsible for lots of deaths. So, who is the ‘terrorist sympathiser’ now? Is it the person who has campaigned against apartheid and for peace? Or is it the person who sells arms to Saudi Arabia, who funds terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda, who bomb innocent civilians and wants to form a government with a party who directly participated in terrorism? Well, it is obvious, by the media’s standards, May is a ‘terrorist sympathiser’, but the media won’t report that – because Murdoch said no! Imagine if Labour formed a coalition with Sinn Féin, the media outrage would be intense, but when May links to the DUP, the media doesn’t mention it. Why? Because Murdoch controls much of the right-wing media and he supports the Tories. Oh, how fine our democracy is!

It gets even worse: the Government is currently trying to nogatiate the reformation of the Northern Irish Assembly. How can they fairly preside over these meeting when they rely so heavily on one of the sides, the DUP? This is a very important matter to ensure peace remains in Northen Ireland and the government siding with one of the groups is dangerous ground.

Whatever happens, this will destroy the Tories for the next few parliaments because May has angered the electorate and divided her party. Three days after the election and the DUP deal, polls are showing Labour leading by six points nationally. When the Tories’ deal with the DUP breaks down, an election will be inevitable and because of the austerity measures, election failures and destructive DUP deal, the electorate will be irritated even further by the Tories and the Establishment, and so will back real change in the form of Labour. This election was called by May to increase the Tories’ power and like all power-hungry leaders, her arrogance and greed has destroyed her and will destroy her party.


This election has been historic in many ways but has been detrimental to our country because now we don’t have a viable government to lead us through these turbulent political times so.

The rollercoaster has just got bumpier.



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