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DPRK and the USA: on the brink of war?

Written by Callum Williams

North Korea (officially known as the DPRK or The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) is one of the world’s last surviving totalitarian authoritarian dictatorial regime. North Korea is described as a ‘hermit nation’, blocking out nearly all contact with the outside world. North Korea is a country of major censorship and human rights abuses but what’s most worrying is that their leader appears to be a young, trigger-happy maniac, and even more worrying, he has now obtained a nuclear arsenal.

For years, North Korea and the US have had enormous tensions between them. However, this tension never amounted to a situation where an attack, even war was imminent. So, what has changed? The simple answer is: a maniac trigger-happy president has been elected, Donald J Trump. Mr Trump is the cause of this high-tension situation which has left the US on the brink of war with North Korea. Mr Trump’s ‘all guns blazing’ method is bad enough but made much worse when, he keeps firing incendiary tweets around the web.

Our military is building and is rapidly becoming stronger than ever before. Frankly, we have no choice!

Through this tweet – like many others – Trump is intentionally trying to provoke a trigger-happy dictator who possess nuclear weapons. Over the past decade, North Korea have been testing nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missiles. To mark Kim il Sung’s (North Korea’s founder) birthday a vast parade of their military ‘might’ took place, followed by another ‘failed’ missile test. The situation is getting dangerous and the US has reacted by sending aircraft carriers to North Korea’s shores. Mr Trump has warned North Korea and said if they attempts another nuclear test, the US will launch an air strike. This would prompt an immediate escalation.

Hypothetically, what would happen if the US launched an air strike on North Korea?

North Korea would respond, probably by attacking America’s ally South Korea. A quick escalation would follow with each side continuing to bomb each other, maybe with nuclear weapons. Then ground troops might be sent, by which points other countries will be joining in to aid America: the UK, South Korea, China – as China is slowly cutting ties with North Korea – and probably all of NATO. Then Russia will probably find someway to manipulate the situation to their advantage. At this point, we are in a full blown war – WWIII – and this time we have nuclear weapons: the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. We have never been closer to a world war since 1939 and if Kim Jong Un pulls the nuclear test trigger and Donald Trump reacts, we will almost certainly be in the midst of a thermo-nuclear world war.

The saddest thing is that we have been here before – we humans don’t learn from our mistakes. Some 84 years ago, a fascist leader named Adolf Hitler was elected, partly due to disenfranchisement of the general public at the hand of the establishment. In 2016, the people of America felt so disenfranchised they had to elect a crazy trigger-happy leader named Donald Trump.

Trump, like Hitler, is a maniac and his recklessness is now probably going to be the trigger for starting WWIII, similar to Hitler starting WWII and we all know how WWII ended – millions died – and yet we are heading for a repeat of a similar catastrophic war. When will we learn? How many more people have to die for us to finally figure out our mistakes?

We see humans as the most intelligent, moral creatures on the planet, but if you really think about it, we are the least intelligent and the least moral creatures on the planet. No other species makes the same mistakes so many times and no other species seems so eager to destroy each other in the most painful ways. It is crazy what we as humans have become. How many more innocent people need to lose their lives, for us as a species to finally learn from our mistakes?

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