Humans of Edinburgh: Calum

Written by Ayesha Qasim

Okay, so, first things first, what’s your name?


And how long have you been in Edinburgh for?

All my life, born and raised here.

And what are you doing now?

Odd jobs and that.


I like your tattoo! Is it a symbolic thing or…

Yeah, it is. You know Saughton Skate Park?


Well, I pretty much spent all my childhood there and there’s a tree that everyone chucks their shoes at so I thought I’d get a tattoo of that. I’ve got lots of good memories there.

That’s really cool! So, what are you up to now?

I do odd jobs here and there.

And what are you looking forward to?

Well, I’m thinking about proposing to my girlfriend.

That’s exciting! What’s she like?

Her name’s Sarah, I’ve known her for about 2 years now, we met on a blind date that mutual friends arranged for us. She’s a PA. And she’s absolutely lovely and wonderful.

Well, good luck with that and I hope the proposal goes well!

Thank you.

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