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The rise of Trump: who is to blame?

Written by Callum Williams

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America – for some the voice of change, for others the sound of a nightmare. Trump has already done some terrible things in office, but who’s really to blame for his election?

Most of the people reading this will be living in a liberal elitist bubble and most will think it is ‘stupid’, ‘ignorant’ or ‘racist’ white lower-class Americans who are responsible for his election.

However, they were not the reason he was elected, despite what the mainstream media may tell you. Trump voters are not all skinheads with swastikas tattooed over them.

A very small number of his voters may be white supremacists but those are a tiny proportion.

Most voted for him, not to build a wall or ban Muslims entering the US, but for change because they felt disenfranchised and oppressed by the establishment as they become increasingly poorer.

The reason Trump was elected was the disenfranchisement of the average citizen and the Democrat Party’s failure to produce a good candidate to run for election. Hilary Clinton was an establishment figure fighting populism.

I blame the Democrats for running Clinton, I blame the Republicans for running Trump, I blame the previous administrations for making the people feel disenfranchised, but I don’t blame the Trump voters.

Most aren’t racist; they just wanted hope and change. Even the ones who are racist aren’t bad people. It is important to remember that most people aren’t racist or prejudice because they are inherently bad people. It is because either they grow up in a society where it is the norm or because they become so disenfranchised they want someone to blame.

We have got to move out of our Liberal elitist bubble and look at the bigger picture and see why people voted for Trump and not judge them for that. By saying all Trump supporters are racist, we are just as bad as Trump.

The world is changing; the rise of populism is fast gaining traction. Look at Brexit and Trump. European elections are coming up, where I’m sure we will see what we saw last year with populism. The important thing is that we learn from the mistakes that were made during the US election and make sure people don’t need to resort to racism and misogynist leaders who don’t truly represent the people.

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