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Yes, the world is still ending

Written by Frances Chassler

There is something very unnerving about walking around in Scotland and not being freezing. It’s not that it was hot out, it was mild. Mild and terrifying. I walked to school imagining the tsunami in the distance, the hurricane closing in on the left as the ground shook and the street crumbled.

But what was I doing?

Nothing – and a month later I’m still doing nothing. I walk to school, stepping over Coke cans and watching the cars go by. We know how the world will end and we’re still strolling down the same path.

2016 was the third consecutive warmest year. An overwhelming 97 per cent of scientists say that humans are the cause of the progression of climate change. It’s no secret; there is no grey area. It’s not a hoax made by the Chinese and it’s not “just weather”. It’s the end of the world and we can’t ignore it. Everyone aspires to save the world. People want to be like super heroes, flying around and punching people; slowly trying to ensnare a crisp packet with a litter grabber just doesn’t have the same appeal – it’s hard hard, not TV hard, and people just can’t be bothered.

Success is measured by society, something we invented. You could do more for the world if you just left your school or job and devoted your life to planting a forest. Now, of course, I feel obliged to tell you not to actually do this, that I’m just being hypothetical, but i’m not: a tree is real, a degree isn’t.

So when will the world end? There is no clear answer, some say humans won’t make it past the end of this century while others say it could be thousands of years. Either way it’s hard to understand why we aren’t doing anything to stop global warming. It’s procrastination on a massive scale.

The only way we can actually make proper changes is to start enforcing them. If everyone started using solar panels, drove 3o per cent less and tried to eat local, non-processed food there would  be a huge drop in carbon dioxide emissions. We just need everyone to make an effort – boring as that may be.

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