Humans of Edinburgh: Alia

Written by Ayesha Qasim

Part 1 of the Humans of Edinburgh Series

What’s your name?


And how old are you?


Why are you in Edinburgh?

I’ve lived here all of my life, and I study at the University of Edinburgh.

What do you study?


What attracted you to Architecture?

It’s the artistic freedom and the tangible results. And I like how you get to leave a legacy in the form of a building.

I love your badge, is that like, a rainbow flag?

Yeah, it is. I’m gay so it’s just a way of showing it I guess.

Have you dealt with any homophobia or discrimination because of your sexuality?

Not from anyone at the University but I can’t tell anyone at home.

Can I ask why?

My family are very religious and quite conservative so I don’t think they’d accept me.

That’s terrible, I’m sorry. So why are you at the train station today?

A few of my friends from high school went to Glasgow for uni and I’m just going to visit them.

Do you visit them often?

Whenever I can really. They come here as well sometimes so we do try and see each other. I think I go to Glasgow every two months or something,

Will you be doing anything fun in Glasgow?

Maybe some clubbing or something? I’m not sure.

Thanks for your time Alia, you’ve been great. Have a great time in Glasgow!

No problem, I should get going now, otherwise I’ll miss the train.

Bye, have a great day!

You too.

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